Public interview with Fumettibrutti

Universiteit Gent (5 Jeanne Wiemer) - 12 July (17:45-19:30 GMT)

In the context of the AIPI Summer School Ricerca a fumetti. Generi, forme, declinazioni (Gent 12-15 July 2021), I will chair an event with Fumettibrutti. The notorious Italian comics artist will be interviewed by me and together we will launch in Belgium her last graphic novel, Anestesia (Feltrinelli Comics 2020).


AIPI Summer School Ricerca a Fumetti

12-15 July 2021

Funded by the AIPI, the Summer School Ricerca a fumetti aims at providing a formative experience for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers interested in the Italian fumetto. 

I am head of the School's organising committee and I will teach a module on gender and comics during the School.



Sugar, Spice and the Not so Nice. Comics Picturing Girlhood International Symposium

23 April 2021

Presentation of the paper Re-Appropriating Abjection. Ana Caspão’s Fundo do nada (2017) as a Feminist and Macabre Coming of Age for the International Symposium Sugar, Spice and the Not So Nice. Comics Picturing Girlhood (Universiteit Gent).


Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 12.04.52.png

Gender Equality Matters (GEM) Conference

12 February 2021

Joint presentation with Dr Valeria Venditti on "The Anger that Moves. The Affirmative Dimension of Rage in the Italian Movement against Gender Violence Lucha y Siesta" in the context of the GEM (Gender Equality Matters) conference hosted by the DCU Institute of Education.



Conversazioni - Euronews Project

14 January 2021

Seminar "The Qualities of Qualitative Research in Discourse Analysis. Hybrid Journalism as a Case Study", where I talked extensively about graphic journalism on gender violence.



Facets of Justice and Violence in Contemporary Societies: Discourses, Materiatlities and Representations

02 December 2020

In the context of CECS (Centro de Estudos sobre Comunicação e Sociedade) Permanent Seminar on Research and Community, I presented my research project Sketch Her Story and Make It Popular. Using Graphic Narratives in Italian and Lusophone Feminist Activism against Gender Violence


Ultra-Texts Beyond Gender Binarisms

13 November 2020

Presentation for the series of talk L/G/B/T (Law/Gender/Body/Texts) -https://www.lawgenderbodytexts.com/
By means of examples taken from graphic narratives on gender violence, the talk explored how multimodality, transmediality and intermediality contributes to overcoming gender dichotomies in the realm of representation.


Fluid Images - Fluid Text

January 2020

Presentation on 'Transmediality Against Transphobia. The Politics of Transsexual Self-Portrait in Fumettibrutti's Work Between Comics and Photography' in the context of the international conference Fluid Images - Fluid Text. Comics' Mobility Across Time, Space and Artistic Media, organised by the School of Modern Languages at Cardiff University:



Rappresentare la violenza di genere

December 2019

Talk about the representation of gender-based violence in Italian art and media at CSA Sisma (Macerata)



S-Hero contro la violenza di genere

November 2019

I contributed to the launch of the exhibition S-Hero contro la violenza di genere, organised at Lortica (Bologna, Italy) as part of the festivals La violenza illustrata and Bilbolbul.



Let's Go Graphic

November 2019

I presented the project at the research seminar Let's Go Graphic. Gender Violence and the Ethics of Representation in Contemporary Graphic Narratives Against Gender Violence, organised by Gender ARC at the University of Limerick (Ireland)



Sketch That Story and Make It Popular

November 2019

Presentation of the research project during a seminar organised by the CASiLaC research cluster on Violence, Conflict and Gender, at University College Cork