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Comics and Violence

March 2020

A few words on Representing Acts of Violence in Comics (Routledge 2019), written for Cultural Studies Leuven's blog


Let's Go Graphic. Mapping Italian Graphic Novels on Gender-Based Violence

August, 2020

Journal of Graphic Novel and Comics 12.5 (2021): 939-963


"Smash" The Partiarchy: fumetti contro la violenza di genere

February 2022

Piece for Studi sulla questione criminale online on the project Sketch Her Story and Make It Popular



Transmediality Against Transphobia. The Politics of Transsexual Self-Portraiture in Fumettibrutti’s Work between Comics and Photography

January 2022

New Readings 18: 88-101 (2022)


Aesthetics in Distress. Gender-Based Violence and Visual Culture. Introductory Note

July 2022

Vista. Revista de Cultura Visual 10 (2022)

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 14.17.21.png

Comics for choice. Fumetto,  giustizia riproduttiva e il potere del visual storytelling

September 2022

Piece for Studi sulla questione criminale online on the comics anthology Comics for Choice



Wonder feminisms: comics-based artivism against gender violence in Italy, intersectionality and transnationalism 

January 2023

Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 14: 535-555

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 15.13.39.png

Pop struggles: artivismo, fumetto e lotta femminista nel collettivo romano Lucha y Siesta. Intervista a Rita Petruccioli

September 2022

Simultanea, vol. 3, no. 1, 2022

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 15.20.19.png

Representing Gender-Based Violence
Global Perspectives

January 2023




Re-appropriating Abjection: Feminism, Comics and the Macabre Coming-of-Age

September 2023

Feminist Encounters 7.2: 32


Brazilian Trans Artivism, Comics and Communities, between Digital and Print​

November 2023

European Comic Art 16.2: 100-124


Comics As a Tool for Research on Gender Violence. Interview With Nayanika Mookherjee on the Graphic Novel Birangona. Towards
Ethical Testimonies of Sexual Violence During Conflict (2019)

December 2022

Vista. Revista de cultura visual 10

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